Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) was established under an act of Parliament in July 1974. It is the first Open University in Asia for Distance & non-formal education.  Since its foundation in 1974, AIOU is committed to provide education to the masses through a ladder of opportunities from pre-literacy to post graduate level via Open and Distance Learning (ODL) system.

AIOU is a mega University. It has well-established technical and administrative structures with the potential for further expansion. The University has explored the possibility of undertaking an initiative by setting up a full blown open school programme apart from carrying out regular programs through distance learning system.

Bureau for University Extension and Special Programmes/Projects established in 1975 has conducted a series of projects and programmes aimed at people both adults and young, in rural & underdeveloped area of the country who have been deprived of opportunities to complete their formal schooling at primary and secondary level. These have included pre literacy functional education for adults, middle and matriculation projects for women and girls.


Through Open schooling non-formal education, thousands of people outside the educational system will have access to opportunities to undertake educational, skill & training activities from pre-literacy to higher levels which improve the quality of their lives.


 Through Open School Non-Formal Education (OSNFE) and Fast Track Learning Centres (FTLC), implement effective setup for open learning System for community uplift.